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NCT is a K-pop boy group that made its debut in 2016.

There are 23 members of this group as of May 2022, and there can potentially be more due to their unique 'graduation' concept.

They belong to SM entertainment.

They are divided into several units, NCT 127, NCT DREAM, NCT U, and WayV. Their official color is pearl neo-champagne, and their fandom name is 'NCT-zen'.

One of their most popular songs is 'Life Is Still Going On'.

This song is a B-side track from the 'Hello Future' album by NCT DREAM from 2021.

One of the most popular members of NCT is Haechan.

He is the main vocalist of NCT.

The most recent album is 'Glitch Mode' which was released on March 28, 2022.

This album sold one million copies in South Korea.

Among their most famous lyrics is the line "Don't forget this one thing, One night far away, the star that will comfort you is probably me" from 2018's 'Dear DREAM'.

This mirrors the famous quote from Haechan.

"I do the impossible. That's my hobby.".

NCT is a huge group in South Korea, that might become even bigger.

Also, they will come back with the new album, 'BeatBox', this May.

by Sunkyu Kim


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