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▲ The expected image of immunity passport

Travel is one of the most desired things today. Demand for overseas travel this year has been booming after the rest vaccination reservation started. It increased rapidly by 442%. But the World Health Organization is opposing the idea of an immunity passport. Because vaccination is progressing in developed countries mainly and there are many countries which can’t even start vaccination yet. So immunity passport is unfair and can be discrimination. The expectation that we might go traveling keeps increasing, and it leads to airline ticket demand booming. Recently, some leading countries allowed entry without quarantine for the people who have been vaccinated. And many domestic airlines are affected by that change, so they gave positive considerations and now suggest diverse ways to enjoy travel in COVID-19. For example, if you bought a ticket for Korea, you can come to Korea in a year since the quarantine exemption started in each country. But young generations are on the last order, and pregnant women can’t even get vaccinations. Some people in their twenties want to get vaccinations, so they pretend to be high school seniors. And it makes the real students can’t get vaccinations. In my opinion, the government of Korea needs to start issuing immunity passports when all people deserve to get vaccinated at least once. Because everyone wants to travel, but now the supply of vaccines is not enough and vaccination is progressing too slowly. As of now, the number of people who haven’t been vaccinated is particularly higher than the number of people who have been vaccinated. However, there are some people who don’t want to get vaccinated because of religious reasons, or they are allergic to the vaccine. The Korean government’s objective is for all Korean people to get vaccinated by November. If only some people can enjoy their rights, then that’s not freedom, it’s a privilege.

Currently, people are debating about wearing a mask. No one can be sure about the compulsory use of a mask even after you get vaccinated. Korean government stated that people who get vaccinated will be allowed to not wear a mask only outside from this July. And they will consider not wearing a mask even inside since December. Even now we can put off the mask outside when we are more than 2 meters from other people and the probability of spreading the virus is low outside. One Oxford University’s professor who is an epidemiologist said that the world is not in the best condition to use an immunity passport right now, and they are still studying and collecting information about how each of the vaccines is effective to stop the infection and spreading, and how long the immunity will last because they don’t have much data and confidence to be sure for the vaccines. If people are settled for vaccines, the pandemic will never end. People will pay less attention to infectious disease prevention and control measures. According to the Sweden economists’ dissertation, social distance is loosened only by the news that Covid-19 vaccines are released. Even more, there are already some sellers of fake immunity passports to the people who think that vaccines are too dangerous in Switzerland. There were some cases where some Spanish students submitted fake PCR test papers to travel with friends. So it’s too early to put off the mask yet. Also, it's not the time for travel right now. Let’s not be satisfied with momentary happiness, it can lead to lifetime pain for the whole world.


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