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▲ Japan marked Dokdo as their territory in 2020 Tokyo Olympic map.

A few weeks ago, Japan marked Dokdo as their territory on the 2020 Tokyo Olympic map. So, the South Korean government raised an objection to I.O.C. Moreover, Japan changed their 1964 Tokyo Olympic map to mark Dokdo as their territory. In fact, there are territorial disputes related to Dokdo between South Korea and Japan. Both the South Korean government and Japanese government claim that Dokdo is their territory for a long time. Moreover, each country teaches its students that Dokdo is their territory. In fact, there are many proves, which show that Dokdo is South Korea's territory.

▲ This is the picture of Dokdo.

To start with, Dokdo is South Korea's territory. Dokdo is Seodo with Dongdo, which are divided into adjacent islands. Moreover, it is located between Ulleungdo and Oki Island, 87.4 km southeast of Ulleungdo Island and 157 km southeast of Oki Island in Japan. Surprisingly, in terms of the nearest island, it is close to South Korea (Ulleng Island), but it is close to Japan compared to the mainland countries. However, it is difficult to compare Japan on the same line as the mainland itself is an island.

In addition, Dokdo was formed by a volcanic eruption and the geological height reaches 2,000m. Many millions of years ago, the Cenozoic weathered over a long time, the volcano erupted at Donghae, the average depth is almost gone, and the rest of the volcano goes deep in Donghae and is not seen very well. It is a longitudinal volcano with large viscosity and small fluidity. Moreover, the Dokdo area has natural gas, methane hydrates, and is known to be rich in resources.

To sum up, Dokdo is South Korea's territory. Due to the importance of Dokdo, it is important to keep Dokdo from Japan. Surprisingly, it is recorded that there are more than 40 people live in Dokdo. Thank you to people who live in Dokdo, Dokdo can be kept. It is so important that people should know that Dokdo is South Korea's territory

by Kim Tae Heon


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