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  • 기사등록 2021-09-20 14:12:53

The War in Afghanistan became a global issue. Afghanistan's territory is invaded by the Taliban, a rebel army group. A lot of people are still trying to escape, get injured and some of them even died. Taliban is also continuing to terror. With the world's attention and concern focused, this situation is getting worse, and many experts are trying to make solutions.

▲ Taliban in Afghanistan

After the 9.11 attacks of Al-Qaeda, the U.S. asked the Taliban to expel Al-Qaeda, however, they refused. The U.S. tried to make Afghanistan regain freedom, so they started Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) with England. They also established International Security Assistance Force. With lots of effort, Afghanistan finally regained its freedom. The citizens of Afghanistan felt relaxed for a while. However, Mohammed Omar reorganized the Taliban, and they continued the War in Afghanistan to this day.

▲ Afghanistan refugees evacuating

This incident is one of the biggest problems and has caused the enormous death of over 200,000 people. Taliban's influence has not diminished yet, and they continue to commit terrors. To make matters worse, experts' opinions are in disagreement. Some say that fighting for them is the only way while others have other solutions. For example, one Al-Qaeda faction expressed its willingness to strengthen the struggle, saying that the victory showed that a realistic way to keep Islamic law and drive out invaders was a struggle. However, many experts disagree, citing that the Taliban has restrained Al-Qaeda's activities and is hostile to Islamic State. There are also people's opinions that the Taliban's practical attitude, including negotiations with the U.S. on withdrawal of troops. Like these, experts' opinions are various, and they have trouble and disagreement with each other.

Terrorism is continuing, and this war is being prolonged continuously. This situation is getting serious, and people's opinions are also becoming discordant. A lot of people are still concerning and expressing their regret for this tragic incident in Afghanistan for now.

by Young Chae Lee


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